swMATH ID: 9281
Software Authors: Tsoulos, Ioannis G.; Stavrakoudis, Athanassios
Description: Eucb: a C++ program for molecular dynamics trajectory analysis. Eucb is a standalone program for geometrical analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories of protein systems. The program is written in GNU C++ and it can be installed in any operating system running a C++ compiler. The program performs its analytical tasks based on user supplied keywords. The source code is freely available from http://stavrakoudis.econ.uoi.gr/eucb under LGPL 3 license.
Homepage: http://stavrakoudis.econ.uoi.gr/stavrakoudis/?menu=eucb
Keywords: conformational analysis; molecular dynamics; protein structure; trajectory analysis; C++ program { t Eucb}
Related Software: TRAJELIX; Qmd-plot; NAMD
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