swMATH ID: 9283
Software Authors: Singhal, Mudita; Domico, Kelly
Description: CABIN: Collective analysis of biological interaction networks. The importance of understanding biological interaction networks has fueled the development of numerous interaction data generation techniques, databases and prediction tools. However, not all prediction tools and databases predict interactions with one hundred percent accuracy. Generation of high-confidence interaction networks formulates the first step towards deciphering unknown protein functions, determining protein complexes and inventing drugs. The CABIN: Collective Analysis of Biological Interaction Networks software is an exploratory data analysis tool that enables analysis and integration of interactions evidence obtained from multiple sources, thereby increasing the confidence of computational predictions as well as validating experimental observations. CABIN has been written in Java\(^{ ext{TM}}\) and is available as a plugin for Cytoscape-an open source network visualization tool.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1476927107000552
Keywords: protein-protein interactions; evidence networks; visual analytics; exploratory analysis
Related Software: Cytoscape
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