swMATH ID: 929
Software Authors: Mahmoudi, F.
Description: Superiso: a program for calculating the isospin asymmetry of B→K * γ in the MSSM. We present a program for calculating the isospin symmetry breaking in B→K * γ decays in the MSSM with minimal flavor violation. This program calculates the NLO supersymmetric contributions to the isospin asymmetry, using the effective Hamiltonian approach and within the QCD factorization method. We show that isospin symmetry breaking proves to be a very restrictive observable, in particular in the mSUGRA parameter space. The program also calculates the inclusive branching ratio associated to b→sγ transition, as a comparison reference.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AEAN_v1_0.html
Programming Languages: C (C99 Standard compliant).
Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS.
Keywords: Isospin asymmetry; Supersymmetry; Wilson coefficients; Minimal flavor violation.
Related Software: SuperIso Relic; SOFTSUSY; micrOMEGAs; ISAJet; 2HDMC; HiggsSignals; FeynArts; FeynRules; PYTHIA8; FormFlavor; AlterBBN; FormCalc; Mathematica; LanHEP; HDECAY; NMHDECAY; NMSSMTools; Wilson; flavio; LoopTools
Cited in: 22 Documents

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