swMATH ID: 9337
Software Authors: Gaudry, P., Thomé, E.
Description: The mpFq library and implementing curve-based key exchanges. We present a library for finite field arithmetic. The originality of this library lies in the fact that specialized code is automatically produced for the selected finite fields. The opportunity of compile-time optimizations yields substantial performance improvements compared to libraries which initialize the finite field at runtime. This library is used to present benchmarks on some curve-based public key cryptosystems.
Homepage: https://gforge.inria.fr/projects/mpfq/
Related Software: eBACS; Curve25519; eBASH; EFD; gmp; Magma; eBATS; OpenSSL; Mathemagix; MIRACL; NTL; FFTW; Boost C++ Libraries; MPFR; RecInt; GAUT; LinBox; Givaro; Echidna; ECPP
Referenced in: 19 Publications

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