swMATH ID: 9338
Software Authors: Bernstein, D.J.
Description: qhasm: tools to help write high-speed software. qhasm is in prototype form. The existing qhasm tools and interfaces have produced high-speed professional-quality software for several applications, but they are not themselves professional-quality tools; they have many known deficiencies and many sharp corners. Each of the qhasm tools has at least one complete rewrite planned. The .q language is not stable; if you write .q files then you should plan on having to modify them extensively for future qhasm releases. The machine-description language has a stable structure but is still undergoing tweaks; I can incorporate machine descriptions into qhasm and keep them up to date, but I won’t promise that non-incorporated descriptions will continue to work. The prototypes of qhasm’s cycle counter, range analyzer, and scheduler are several generations behind the current .q language and, as a practical matter, aren’t usable right now.
Homepage: http://cr.yp.to/qhasm.html
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