Open Geometry

swMATH ID: 9363
Software Authors: Glaeser, Georg
Description: Open Geometry is a geometric programming system: With the help of a C++ compiler, the user is enabled to create images and animations with arbitrary geometric context. The system provides a large library that allows to fulfill virtually any geometric task. The Open Geometry-library itself is based on OpenGL®, a system-independent graphics library that is supported by most compilers and hardware systems. Additional to the rather basic but very effective OpenGL®-functions, the Open Geometry-library provides solutions to many advanced geometric operations in 2D and 3D. Open Geometry is a bookware that tries to link theory and practice of geometric programming. The user is able to realize direct geometrical thinking without having to care much about implementations. The idea is to write system-independent and readable graphics programs. The code is provided in full source.
Homepage: http://www1.uni-ak.ac.at/geom/opengeometry.php
Dependencies: OpenGL
Keywords: programming system for geometry; plane curves; surfaces
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