swMATH ID: 9364
Software Authors: Christensen, Steven M.
Description: Large scale tensor analysis by computer. The paper contains a description of the software package MathTensor which can be loaded into the Mathematica computer algebra system. The package is useful for manipulating large systems of equations and for detecting symmetries in tensor structures. The author addresses problems emerging from quantum field theory of curved space-times for instance to describe the distance along a geodesic curve between two points on a curved surface. It is a demanding task to convert a large Riemann tensor term into a linear combination of a minimal set of such terms. In quite a few examples the author illustrates how to tackle this problem by applying the package.
Homepage: http://www.wolfram.com/products/applications/mathtensor/
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: symbolic computation; Riemannian manifold; Riemann tensor; Ricci tensor; quantum field theory; curved space time
Related Software: ATENSOR; Mathematica; Cadabra; Invar; Riegeom; Maple; Ricci; xTensor; Canon; GRTensorII; xAct; xPerm; Redten; GAP; EinS; SHEEP; SCHUR; SPEEDUP; SPRNG; Tensorial
Cited in: 21 Publications

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