swMATH ID: 942
Software Authors: Anai, Hirokazu; Yanami, Hitoshi
Description: SYNRAC: A Maple-package for solving real algebraic constraints. In this paper we present a maple-package, named SyNRAC, for solving real algebraic constraints derived from various engineering problems. Our main tool is real quantifier elimination and we focus on its application to robust control design problems.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/37cq4lw9am3tydv4/fulltext.pdf
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: QEPCAD; Maple; REDLOG; Mathematica; DISCOVERER; RAGlib; GloptiPoly; SMT-LIB; Sostools; SMT-RAT; Matlab; Bertini; alphaCertified; INTLAB; VerifyRealRoots; Giac; Emscripten; sm; Tarski; GeoGebra
Cited in: 29 Documents

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