swMATH ID: 9445
Software Authors: Marta Cialdea Mayer, Serenella Cerrito
Description: Herod and Pilate: Two Tableau Provers for Basic Hybrid Logic. This work presents two provers for basic hybrid logic HL(@), which have been implemented with the aim of comparing the internalised tableau calculi independently proposed, respectively, by Bolander and Blackburn [3] and Cerrito and Cialdea Mayer [5]. Experimental results are reported, evaluating, from the practical point of view, the different treatment of nominal equalities of the two calculi.
Homepage: http://cialdea.dia.uniroma3.it/herod/
Related Software: Pilate; HTab; Spartacus; HGen; HyLoRes; HyLoTab; Sibyl; TPTP; SPASS; OCaml
Referenced in: 3 Publications

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