swMATH ID: 9526
Software Authors: Stephen du Toit; Mathilda du Toit; Gerhard Mels: Yan Cheng; KG Jöreskog; D Sörbom
Description: Prelis (Lisrel pre-processor). PRELIS is a 32-bit application which can be used for: Data manipulation; Data transformation; Data generatiion; Computing moment matrices; Computing asymptotic covariance matrices of sample moments; Imputation by matching; Multiple imputation; Multiple linear regression; Logistic regression; Univariate and multivariate censored regression; ML and MINRES exploratory factor analysis.
Homepage: http://www.ssicentral.com/lisrel/techdocs/IPUG.pdf
Dependencies: LISREL
Related Software: LISREL; Mplus; SPSS; EQS; Amos; Mx; R; sgr; Latent GOLD; MULTIMIX; Matlab; VisualPLS; LVPLS; SmartPLS; InterViewer; IMSL Numerical Libraries; BMDP
Cited in: 26 Publications

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