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Software Authors: W. Porod
Description: SPheno, a program for calculating supersymmetric spectra, SUSY particle decays and SUSY particle production at e+e− colliders. SPheno is a program that accurately calculates the supersymmetric particle spectrum within a high scale theory, such as minimal supergravity, gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking, anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking, or string effective field theories. An interface exists for an easy implementation of other models. The program solves the renormalization group equations numerically to two-loop order with user-specified boundary conditions. The complete one-loop formulas for the masses are used which are supplemented by two-loop contributions in case of the neutral Higgs bosons and the μ parameter. The obtained masses and mixing matrices are used to calculate decay widths and branching ratios of supersymmetric particles as well as of Higgs bosons, b→sγ, Δρ and (g−2)μ. Moreover, the production cross sections of all supersymmetric particle as well as Higgs bosons at e+e− colliders can be calculated including initial state radiation and longitudinal polarization of the incoming electrons/positrons. The program is structured such that it can easily be extend to include non-minimal models and/or complex parameters.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADRV
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