swMATH ID: 9549
Software Authors: B.P. Kersevan; E. Richter-Was
Description: The AcerMC Monte-Carlo event generator is dedicated for generation of the Standard Model background processes in pp collisions at the LHC. The program itself provides a FORTRAN library of the massive matrix elements and phase space modules for generation of a set of selected processes. The hard process events, generated with one of these modules, can be completed by the initial and final state radiation, hadronisation and decays, simulated with either PYTHIA 6.4, ARIADNE 4.1 or HERWIG 6.5 Monte-Carlo event generators. Interfaces to both generators are provided in the distribution. The matrix elements have been coded by the MadGraph/HELAS package. The phase-space generation is based on the multi-channel self-optimising approach using the modified Kajantie-Byckling formalism for phase space construction and further smoothing of the phase space was obtained by using a modified ac-VEGAS algorithm. Please see the manual for details.
Homepage: https://borut.web.cern.ch/borut/
Related Software: Python; VEGAS; emcee; VEGAS+; MC@NLO; ALPGEN; PYTHIA8; POWHEG BOX; HERWIG 5.1; SHERPA; MadGraph; SciPy; quadpy; pySecDec; TensorFlow; ZMCintegral; VegasFlow; PyTorch; torchquad; MadGraph5_aMC@NLO
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