swMATH ID: 9587
Software Authors: D. Robertz
Description: JanetOre: A Maple Package to Compute a Janet Basis for Modules over Ore Algebras. he Maple package JanetOre implements the involutive basis technique of V. P. Gerdt and Y. A. Blinkov for left ideals of certain Ore algebras and more generally for submodules of free left modules over those non-commutative rings. It also provides an interface to a C++ implementation of the involutive basis technique over some classes of Ore algebras. JanetOre computes Janet bases and Janet-like Gröbner bases. The coefficient domain for the Ore algebra may be any field existing in Maple or can be chosen to be the ring of rational integers. Among the monomial orderings which are available in JanetOre are the degree reverse lexicographical one, the pure lexicographical one, block orderings and their extensions to ”term over position” and ”position over term” orderings in the case of modules.
Homepage: https://wwwb.math.rwth-aachen.de/Janet/janetore.html
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: Janet; Magma; SINGULAR; MatricesForHomalg; alexander; QuillenSuslin; Macaulay2; homalg; conley; CoCoA; Plural
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