swMATH ID: 9610
Software Authors: Bienia, C.; Kumar, S.; Singh, J. P.; Li, K.
Description: The PARSEC benchmark suite: characterization and architectural implications. This paper presents and characterizes the Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers (PARSEC), a benchmark suite for studies of Chip-Multiprocessors (CMPs). Previous available benchmarks for multiprocessors have focused on high-performance computing applications and used a limited number of synchronization methods. PARSEC includes emerging applications in recognition, mining and synthesis (RMS) as well as systems applications which mimic large-scale multithreaded commercial programs. Our characterization shows that the benchmark suite covers a wide spectrum of working sets, locality, data sharing, synchronization and off-chip traffic. The benchmark suite has been made available to the public.
Homepage: http://parsec.cs.princeton.edu/
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Cited in: 7 Documents
Further Publications: http://parsec.cs.princeton.edu/publications.htm

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