swMATH ID: 9638
Software Authors: Kressner, Daniel; Tobler, Christine
Description: Preconditioned low-rank methods for high-dimensional elliptic PDE eigenvalue problems. We consider elliptic PDE eigenvalue problems on a tensorized domain, discretized such that the resulting matrix eigenvalue problem Ax=λx exhibits Kronecker product structure. In particular, we are concerned with the case of high dimensions, where standard approaches to the solution of matrix eigenvalue problems fail due to the exponentially growing degrees of freedom. Recent work shows that this curse of dimensionality can in many cases be addressed by approximating the desired solution vector x in a low-rank tensor format. In this paper, we use the hierarchical Tucker decomposition to develop a low-rank variant of LOBPCG, a classical preconditioned eigenvalue solver. We also show how the ALS and MALS (DMRG) methods known from computational quantum physics can be adapted to the hierarchical Tucker decomposition. Finally, a combination of ALS and MALS with LOBPCG and with our low-rank variant is proposed. A number of numerical experiments indicate that such combinations represent the methods of choice.
Homepage: http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/cmam.2011.11.issue-3/cmam-2011-0020/cmam-2011-0020.xml
Keywords: high-dimensional PDE eigenvalue problems; low-rank tensor methods; LOBPCG; ALS; DMRG
Related Software: htucker; TT Toolbox; GitHub; lobpcg.m; MCTDH; ALEA; JDQZ; cross2D; Algorithm 862; RTRMC; ALPS; JDQR; N-way Toolbox; JDCG; CheMPS2; TeNPy; TensorNetwork; ITensor; AlexNet; SqueezeDet
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