swMATH ID: 9652
Software Authors: S. Ahmed, R. Garcia, N. Kong, L. Ntaimo, G. Parija, F. Qiu, S. Sen
Description: SIPLIB: A Stochastic Integer Programming Test Problem Library. SIPLIB is a collection of test problems to facilitate computational and algorithmic research in stochastic integer programming. The test problem data is provided in the standard SMPS format unless otherwise mentioned. Where available, information on the underlying problem formulation and known solution is also included.
Homepage: http://vlsicad.eecs.umich.edu/BK/Slots/cache/www.isye.gatech.edu/~sahmed/siplib/
Related Software: CPLEX; DSP; PySP; SCIP; XPRESS; SMPS reader; ConicBundle; ddsip; DIP; SLPTESTSET; CHiPPS; Gurobi; MPI/MPICH; ParaSCIP; UG; OOQP; OR-Library; PySCIPOpt; BaPCod; Pyomo
Cited in: 19 Publications

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