swMATH ID: 9657
Software Authors: Buyya, R. ;Abramson, D.; Giddy, J.
Description: Nimrod/G is a Grid and Cloud aware version of the Nimrod distributed computing middleware (part of the Nimrod toolkit). Nimrod/G can directly execute large-scale distributed parameter sweep and Monte-Carlo computational experiments. Nimrod/G provides a simple means to dramatically scale-up your computational experiments. Each experiment can run over an aggregated ad-hoc computational grid/pool/cloud; start from your desktop, local server or cluster; add grid resources (e.g. clusters and Condor pools); overflow to pay-as-go cloud services and control your budget with Nimrod/G’s economic scheduling capabilities. Whilst initially oriented towards embarrassingly parallel computations Nimrod/G also provides general purpose loosely-coupled execution services. The architecture is extensible and can support and encapsulate 3rd-party software and services which themselves expose a computational back-end, examples include: grid-middleware (such as Legion, Condor and NetSolve), infrastructure (such as Amazon EC2, IBM Cloud, VMware vCloud) and platform (such as Microsoft Azure) services.
Homepage: http://messagelab.monash.edu.au/NimrodG
Related Software: Globus Toolkit; NetSolve; GRID Infoware; GridSim; Condor-G; Ninf-G/MPI; Giggle; GridFlow; MySQL; Pegasus; NAS Parallel Benchmarks; OptorSim; ICENI; MM5; SNAP; SMOKE; DAGMan; DOCK; Cactus; PAPI
Cited in: 26 Documents
Further Publications: http://messagelab.monash.edu.au/NimrodG/Publications

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