swMATH ID: 9678
Software Authors: Tomas Skalicky
Description: LASPack is a package for solving large sparse systems of linear equations like those which arise from discretization of partial differential equations. It contains classical as well as selected state-of-the-art algorithms which are commonly used for large sparse systems such as CG-like methods for non-symmetric systems (CGN, GMRES, BiCG, QMR, CGS, and BiCGStab) and multilevel methods such as multigrid and conjugate gradient method preconditioned by multigrid and BPX preconditioners. LASPack is written in ANSI C and is thus largely portable. Postscript and HTML version of the reference manual are included.
Homepage: http://www.netlib.org/utk/misc/sw_survey/urc/html/LASPack.1.html
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Cited in: 11 Publications

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