swMATH ID: 9760
Software Authors: Kahl, Wolfram
Description: The teaching tool CalcCheck: a proof-checker for Gries and Schneider’s “logical approach to discrete math”. Students following a first-year course based on Gries and Schneider’s LADM textbook had frequently been asking: “how can I know whether my solution is good?”par We now report on the development of a proof-checker designed to answer exactly that question, while intentionally not helping to find the solutions in the first place. CalcCheck provides detailed feedback to {sc LaTeX}-formatted calculational proofs, and thus helps students to develop confidence in their own skills in “rigorous mathematical writing”.par Gries and Schneider’s book emphasises rigorous development of mathematical results, while striking one particular compromise between full formality and customary, more informal, mathematical practises, and thus teaches aspects of both. This is one source of several unusual requirements for a mechanised proof-checker; other interesting aspects arise from details of their notational conventions.
Homepage: http://calccheck.mcmaster.ca/
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