swMATH ID: 9783
Software Authors: Durán, F., Lucas, S., Meseguer, J.
Description: MTT: The Maude termination tool. Despite the remarkable development of the theory of termination of rewriting, its application to high-level programming languages is far from being optimal. This is due to the need for features such as conditional equations and rules, types and subtypes, (possibly programmable) strategies for controlling the execution, matching modulo axioms, and so on, that are used in many programs and tend to place such programs outside the scope of current termination tools. The operational meaning of such features is often formalized in a proof-theoretic manner by means of an inference system rather than just by a rewriting relation. In particular, Generalized Rewrite Theories (GRT) are a recent generalization of rewrite theories at the heart of the most recent formulation of Maude.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-540-71070-7_27
Dependencies: Maude
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