swMATH ID: 9845
Software Authors: Rehn, Thomas; Schürmann, Achill
Description: PermLib is a C++ library for permutation computations. Currently it supports set stabilizer and in-orbit computations, based on bases and strong generating sets (BSGS). Additionally, it computes automorphisms of symmetric matrices and find the lexicographically smallest set in an orbit of sets. It also features a very basic recognition of permutation group types. You may download the complete PermLib package (version 0.2.8) and then follow the instructions below. Additional background information about the implementation can be found in the Diploma thesis of the author Thomas Rehn.
Homepage: http://www.math.uni-rostock.de/~rehn/software/permlib.html
Keywords: polyhedral combinatorics; symmetries; permutation group algorithms; representation conversion
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