swMATH ID: 9851
Software Authors: Sexton, Harlan; Vejdemo-Johansson, Mikael
Description: JPlex is a software package for computing persistent homology of finite simplicial complexes, often generated from point cloud data. This is the third of four versions of Plex, and because it is written in Java it is often referred to as JPlex. JPlex can be run in Matlab or in a standalone mode, using an integrated Java interpreter called Beanshell (our thanks to the author, Patrick Niemeyer, for allowing us to repackage the interpreter with our library). The initial goals of this rewrite were to fix several longstanding memory management problems and to make installation easy. These goals were met, but our experience is that JPlex is also faster and capable of running larger cases than the previous versions. The complete library is in a single jar file that is currently less than .5 megabytes, including the Beanshell interpreter, and requires no compilation. You must, however, have access to a version 1.5 or later java runtime, either through Matlab or directly through a command line. This is explained in more detail either in the tutorials or in the online documentation
Homepage: http://comptop.stanford.edu/u/programs/jplex/
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