swMATH ID: 9864
Software Authors: Ganesh, V., Kieżun, A., Artzi, S., Guo, P.J., Hooimeijer, P., Ernst, M
Description: Hampi: A Solver for String Constraints. Hampi is a solver for string constraints. Hampi is designed for constraints generated by program analysis tools, automated bug finders, intelligent fuzzers. Hampi constraints express membership in regular languages and bounded context-free languages. Hampi constraints may contain context-free-language definitions, regular-language definitions and operations, and the membership predicate. Given a set of constraints, Hampi outputs a string that satisfies all the constraints, or reports that the constraints are unsatisfiable.
Homepage: http://people.csail.mit.edu/akiezun/hampi/
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Referenced in: 19 Publications

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