swMATH ID: 9873
Software Authors: Catalyürek, U.V., Aykanat, C.
Description: PaToH (Partitioning Tools for Hypergraph) is a Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning tool that I developed during my doctoral studies at Bilkent University (1994-1999). It was the fastest hypergraph partitioner when I wrote it, and probably it is still the fastest sequential partitioner today. Important features of PaToH: Fast, stable multilevel hypergraph partitioner, Hypergraph partitioning with fixed cells, Multi-constraint hypergraph partitioner
Homepage: http://bmi.osu.edu/umit/software.html
Related Software: SparseMatrix; METIS; Zoltan; hMETIS; Chaco; Parkway; MUMPS; Scotch; KaHyPar; HSL; LSQR; KaFFPa; SNAP; STRUMPACK; CSparse; Matlab; UMPa; BSPedupack; ILUT; SuperLU-DIST
Cited in: 36 Publications

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