swMATH ID: 1316
Software Authors: Arkoudas, Konstantine; Bringsjord, Selmer
Description: Vivid: a framework for heterogeneous problem solving. We introduce Vivid, a domain-independent framework for mechanized heterogeneous reasoning that combines diagrammatic and symbolic representation and inference. The framework is presented in the form of a family of denotational proof languages (DPLs). We present novel formal structures, called named system states, that are specifically designed for modeling potentially underdetermined diagrams. These structures allow us to deal with incomplete information, a pervasive feature of heterogeneous problem solving. We introduce a notion of attribute interpretations that enables us to interpret first-order relational signatures into named system states, and develop a formal semantic framework based on 3-valued logic. We extend the assumption-base semantics of DPLs to accommodate diagrammatic reasoning by introducing general inference mechanisms for the valid extraction of information from diagrams, and for the incorporation of sentential information into diagrams. A rigorous big-step operational semantics is given, on the basis of which we prove that the framework is sound. We present examples of particular instances of Vivid in order to solve a series of problems, and discuss related work
Homepage: http://kryten.mm.rpi.edu/vivid_120405.pdf
Keywords: vivid; heterogeneous reasoning; problem solving; diagrams; DPLs; assumption bases; named system states; worlds; 3-valued logic
Related Software: SNARK; Mizar; Mathematica; Hyperproof; Dr.Doodle; CafePie; GROVER; CafeOBJ
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