swMATH ID: 10421
Software Authors: Alexander Smirnov; Vladimir Smirnov
Description: On the resolution of singularities of multiple Mellin-Barnes integrals. One of the two existing strategies of resolving singularities of multifold Mellin-Barnes integrals in the dimensional regularization parameter, or a parameter of the analytic regularization, is formulated in a modified form. The corresponding algorithm is implemented as a Mathematica code MBresolve.m.
Homepage: http://mbtools.hepforge.org/
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: supersymmetric gauge theory; AdS-CFT correspondence; NLO computations; \(1/N\) expansion
Related Software: MBasymptotics; FIESTA; SecDec; AMBRE; XSummer; Cuba; FIRE; AIR; MBnumerics; HyperInt; MBsums; FIESTA 3; FIRE5; LiteRed; Reduze; Hypexp; HPL; Kira; Mathematica; Nestedsums
Cited in: 22 Documents

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