swMATH ID: 16342
Software Authors: Lee, Roman N.; Pomeransky, Andrei A.
Description: Mint — a package counting the masters in a given sector: Critical points and number of master integrals. We consider the question about the number of master integrals for a multiloop Feynman diagram. We show that, for a given set of denominators, this number is totally determined by the critical points of the polynomials entering either of the two representations: the parametric representation and the Baikov representation. In particular, for the parametric representation the corresponding polynomial is just the sum of Symanzik polynomials. The relevant topological invariant is the sum of the Milnor numbers of the proper critical points. We present a Mathematica package Mint to automatize the counting of the master integrals for the typical case, when all critical points are isolated.
Homepage: http://www.inp.nsk.su/~lee/programs/LiteRed/#utils
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: scattering amplitudes; differential geometry; algebraic geometry
Related Software: Reduze; LiteRed; SageMath; Mathematica
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Critical points and number of master integrals. Zbl 1342.81139
Lee, Roman N.; Pomeransky, Andrei A.

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