EDAM Browser

swMATH ID: 29092
Software Authors: Bryan Brancotte; Christophe Blanchet; Hervé Ménager
Description: A reusable tree-based web-visualization to browse EDAM ontology, and contribute to it. The EDAM Browser is a client-side web-based visualization javascript widget for the navigation of the EDAM ontology (Ison et al. 2013). EDAM is a structured and controlled vocabulary describing bioinformatics and computational biology concepts. It is used to annotate resource descriptions (tools, web services) for discovery (Ison et al. 2015) and integration in platforms such as galaxy (Afgan et al. 2016). The EDAM Browser providesusers a simple and performant interface to explore EDAM when annotating or searching for bioinformatics resources
Homepage: https://www.theoj.org/joss-papers/joss.00698/10.21105.joss.00698.pdf
Keywords: JOSS; Journal Open Source Software; web-based; visualization; javascript; EDAM ontology
Related Software: Galaxy; Aber-OWL; WebProtege; BioPortal; Ontobee; JavaScript
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