swMATH ID: 17165
Software Authors: Picardi E, D’Antonio M, Carrabino D, Castrignanò T, Pesole G.
Description: ExpEdit: a webserver to explore human RNA editing in RNA-Seq experiments. Summary: ExpEdit is a web application for assessing RNA editing in human at known or user-specified sites supported by transcript data obtained by RNA-Seq experiments. Mapping data (in SAM/BAM format) or directly sequence reads [in FASTQ/short read archive (SRA) format] can be provided as input to carry out a comparative analysis against a large collection of known editing sites collected in DARNED database as well as other user-provided potentially edited positions. Results are shown as dynamic tables containing University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) links for a quick examination of the genomic context. Availability: ExpEdit is freely available on the web at http://www.caspur.it/ExpEdit/.
Homepage: http://bioinformatics.oxfordjournals.org/content/27/9/1311.short
Related Software: EMBOSS; Minimus; EMIRGE; ViennaRNA; TagCleaner; OligoWalk; OptiRNAi; ASTALAVISTA; PredGPI; SPEPlip; BaCelLo; PolyA_DB; ASPicDB; BioMart; AstexViewer; SCOOP; WAR; PatSearch; NGS QC Toolkit; DARNED
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1 Picardi, Ernesto

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