swMATH ID: 29047
Software Authors: Markopoulos, Alexandros; Hapla, Vaclav; Cermak, Martin; Fusek, Martin
Description: Massively parallel solution of elastoplasticity problems with tens of millions of unknowns using permoncube and FLLOP packages. In this paper we are presenting our PermonCube and FLLOP packages, and their use for massively parallel solution of elastoplasticity problems. PermonCube provides simple cubical meshes, partitioned in a non-overlapping manner. By means of finite element method it assembles all linear algebra objects required for solution of the physical problem. Two chosen nonlinear material models are presented, and a solving strategy based on the Newton’s method is briefly discussed. PermonCube uses our FLLOP library as a linear system solver. FLLOP is able to solve problems decomposed in a non-overlapping manner using domain decomposition methods of the FETI type. It extends PETSc (Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation). In the last section, large-scale numerical experiments with problem size up to 60 million of degrees of freedom are presented.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0096300314017585
Keywords: TFETI; elastoplasticity; parallel mesh; Permon; PermonCube; FLLOP
Related Software: PermonQP; PermonFLLOP; PermonCube; Total FETI; PETSc; TFETI; HYPLAS; Pamgen; Elmer; PERMON; MOOSE; NGSolve; ViennaGrid; ViennaMesh; libMesh; Agros2D; ViennaCL; FEniCS; deal.ii; FreeFem++
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