swMATH ID: 41767
Software Authors: Zhao, Han; Liu, Xiangbei; Fletcher, Andrew H.; Xiang, Ru; Hwang, John T.; Kamensky, David
Description: PENGoLINS (PENalty-based GLuing of Isogeometric Non-matching Shells) is an open-source Python library for penalty of non-matching Kirchhoff–Love shells using a FEniCS-based implementation of isogeometric analysis (IGA) called tIGAr. Users can directly perform shell structure analysis on CAD models, in STEP or IGES format, consisting of multiple B-spline/NURBS patches with non-matching parametrizations at their intersections. The pythonOCC, a Python interface of OpenCASCADE, is leveraged for computation of surface-surface intersections, where displacement and rotational continuities are maintained using penalty method. Furthermore, this library can be extended to fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and nonlocal contact analysis by integrating with existing open-source Python frameworks, viz., VarMINT, ShNAPr and CouDALFISh. Coupling between separately-parametrized patches uses a modification of the penalty formulation proposed by Herrema et al., which is verified using several benchmark problems. Applications to aerospace structures and prosthetic heart values are demonstrated in this documentation.
Homepage: https://hanzhao2020.github.io/PENGoLINS/
Source Code:  https://github.com/hanzhao2020/PENGoLINS
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: isogeometric analysis; FEniCS; Kirchhoff-Love shells; non-matching interfaces; aerospace structures
Related Software: GeoMACH; PETSc; ShNAPr; CouDALFISh; tIGAr; PythonOCC; Vehicle sketch pad; Python; UFL; FEniCS; DOLFIN
Cited in: 1 Publication

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