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Software Authors:   Lehoucq; Sorensen; Yang
Cited in: 837 Publications (1995–2023)
Related Software: eigs; JDQZ; JDQR; LAPACK; Matlab; Eigtool; …
Main Fields: Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory (15-XX); Partial differential equations (35-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Toh, K.C.; Todd, M.J.; Tütüncü, R.H.
Cited in: 702 Publications (1986–2022)
Related Software: SeDuMi; YALMIP; CVX; SDPA; CSDP; Mosek; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Sonneveld, Peter
Cited in: 329 Publications (1986–2022)
Related Software: BiCGstab; GpBiCg; na1; SparseMatrix; symrcm; Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65N22-XX)


Software Authors:   MathWorks, Inc.; Sorensen, Danny C.
Cited in: 326 Publications (1991–2021)
Related Software: IRAM; ARPACK; JDQZ; JDQR; Eigtool; Matlab; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Sorensen, Danny C.
Cited in: 205 Publications (1991–2022)
Related Software: eigs; ARPACK; JDQZ; JDQR; TRLan; Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection; …
Main Fields: (65F15-XX)


Software Authors:   Nash, Stephen G.
Cited in: 140 Publications (1984–2021)
Related Software: L-BFGS; CUTEr; TNPACK; minpack; LANCELOT; KELLEY; …
Main Fields: (65K05-XX); (90C30-XX)


Software Authors:   Freund, Roland W.; Nachtigal, No\"el M.
Cited in: 78 Publications (1995–2022)
Related Software: JDQZ; JDQR; ARPACK; BiCGstab; LAPACK; PETSc; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F15-XX); (65Y15-XX)


Software Authors:   Gould, Nicholas I. M.; Lucidi, Stefano; Roma, Massimo; Toint, Philippe L.
Cited in: 74 Publications (1999–2022)
Related Software: GQTPAR; CUTEr; LSTRS; GALAHAD; SifDec; L-BFGS; …
Main Fields: (90C30-XX); (90C20-XX); (65K05-XX)


Software Authors:   Hager, William W.
Cited in: 70 Publications (1987–2020)
Related Software: Maple; symrcm; Mathematica; mctoolbox; LINPACK; Matlab; …
Main Fields: (65Fxx-XX); (65-01-XX); (65Hxx-XX)


Software Authors:   Kesheng Wu; Horst Simon
Cited in: 70 Publications (1999–2022)
Related Software: IRAM; JDQZ; ARPACK; JDQR; eigs; a-TRLan; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Brezinski, C.; Redivo Zaglia, M.; Sadok, H.
Cited in: 55 Publications (1991–2021)
Related Software: CGS; na5; BiCGstab; Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection; Regularization tools; GpBiCg; …
Main Fields: (65F15-XX); (65F10-XX); (65F25-XX)


Software Authors:   Christopher C. Paige, Michael A. Saunders, Sou-Cheng Choi, Dominique Orban, Umberto Emanuele Villa, Danielle Maddix
Cited in: 43 Publications (1975–2022)
Related Software: MINRES-QLP; LSQR; SparseMatrix; LSMR; CUTEst; Matlab; …
Main Fields: Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory (15-XX); Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization (49-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Bernadou, M.; Hassim, A.; Laug, P.; Steer, D.; Vidrascu, M.; Saltel, E.
Cited in: 39 Publications (1985–2018)
Related Software: petsc4py; COFFEE; TSFC; Firedrake; Algorithm 884; UFL; …
Main Fields: (65N30-XX); (74S05-XX); (35-04-XX)


Software Authors:   Bai, Zhaojun; Day, David; Ye, Qiang
Cited in: 34 Publications (1999–2022)
Related Software: JDQZ; JDQR; mftoolbox; eigs; IRAM; blgaussexp; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Sadok, H.
Cited in: 33 Publications (1998–2022)
Related Software: SparseMatrix; MatrixMarket; Regularization tools; TensorToolbox; Matlab; mftoolbox; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX)


Software Authors:   Choi, Sou-Cheng T.; Saunders, Michael A.
Cited in: 26 Publications (2011–2022)
Related Software: MINRES; SparseMatrix; LSQR; LSMR; Matlab; ARPACK; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F20-XX); (65F50-XX)


Software Authors:   Baglama, James; Reichel, Lothar
Cited in: 25 Publications (2006–2020)
Related Software: PROPACK; eigs; IRAM; TRLan; JDQZ; JDQR; …
Main Fields: (65F15-XX); (65F20-XX)


Software Authors:   Brezinski, C.; Redivo-Zaglia, M.
Cited in: 24 Publications (1992–2002)
Related Software: na1; CGS; BiCGstab; GpBiCg; ARPACK; JDQR; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F25-XX)


Software Authors:   Gould, Nicholas I.M.; Toint, Philippe L.
Cited in: 20 Publications (1991–2016)
Related Software: MA57; SNOPT; qpOASES; SQOPT; GALAHAD; HSL; …
Main Fields: (65K05-XX); (65F10-XX); (65F35-XX)


Software Authors:   Baglama, J.; Calvetti, D.; Reichel, L
Cited in: 18 Publications (2003–2021)
Related Software: ARPACK; JDQZ; JDQR; eigs; TRLan; Matlab; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Trif, Damian
Cited in: 16 Publications (2012–2022)
Related Software: Matlab; ddesd; Chebfun
Main Fields: (34K-XX)


Software Authors:   Stathopoulos, Andreas; Fischer, Charlotte F.
Cited in: 15 Publications (1994–2019)
Related Software: lobpcg.m; ARPACK; LAPACK; PRIMME; JDQZ; JDQR; …
Main Fields: (65F15-XX); (15-04-XX); (65F50-XX)


Software Authors:   Carpentieri, B.; Jing, Y.-F.; Huang, T.-Z.
Cited in: 15 Publications (2011–2022)
Related Software: CORS; SparseMatrix; CGS; GpBiCg; CSparse; BiCGstab; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F50-XX)


Software Authors:   Carpentieri, B.; Jing, Y.-F.; Huang, T.-Z.
Cited in: 15 Publications (2011–2022)
Related Software: BiCOR; SparseMatrix; CGS; GpBiCg; CSparse; BiCGstab; …
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F50-XX)


Software Authors:   Wu, Lingfei; Stathopoulos, Andreas
Cited in: 12 Publications (2015–2022)
Related Software: PRIMME_SVDS; PRIMME; na26; SparseMatrix; TRLan; PROPACK; …
Main Fields: (65F15-XX); (65F08-XX); (15A18-XX)

Tau Toolbox

Software Authors:   Trindade, M.; Matos, J.; Vasconcelos, P. B.
Cited in: 6 Publications (2016–2021)
Related Software: DLMF; mftoolbox; Matlab
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Beerwerth, Randolf; Bauke, Heiko
Cited in: 5 Publications (2015–2020)
Related Software: Dirac++; ATFM; Maple; PETSc; SLEPc; Boost; …
Main Fields: (81-04-XX); (35Q41-XX); (81Q05-XX)


Software Authors:   Xiaoxu Guan, C.J. Noble, O. Zatsarinny, K. Bartschat, B.I. Schneider
Cited in: 4 Publications (2009–2016)
Related Software: LAPACK; SLIMP; DMTDHF; Associated Legendre Functions; OCTOPUS; GAMESS; …
Main Fields: (81-04-XX); (81Q05-XX); (65M99-XX)


Software Authors:   Felix Lenders, Christian Kirches, Andreas Potschka
Cited in: 4 Publications (2018–2022)
Related Software: FEniCS; GQTPAR; UFL; DOLFIN; HSL-VF05; logsumexp-softmax-tests; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Nash, Stephen G.; Sofer, Ariela
Cited in: 3 Publications (1992–2009)
Related Software: ve08; LINPACK; BBVSCG
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Aurentz, Jared L.; Kalantzis, Vassilis; Saad, Yousef
Cited in: 3 Publications (2017–2019)
Related Software: SparseMatrix; CUBLAS; CUSPARSE; CUDA; CHOLMOD; EVSL; …
Main Fields: (65-04-XX); (65F15-XX)


Software Authors:   Redivo-Zaglia, M.
Cited in: 3 Publications (1999–2015)
Related Software: Netlib; nwSpGr; Matlab; na15; Mathematica
Main Fields: (65F10-XX); (65F25-XX); (65Y15-XX)


Software Authors:   Malcıoğlu, Osman Barış; Gebauer, Ralph; Rocca, Dario; Baroni, Stefano
Cited in: 2 Publications (2011–2015)
Related Software: Quantum Espresso; FFTW; LAPACK; TurboEELS; turboTDDFT 2.0
Main Fields: Statistical mechanics, structure of matter (82-XX)


Software Authors:   Tabak, Umut; Rixen, Daniel J.
Cited in: 2 Publications (2016–2019)
Related Software: NLEIGS; APDL; JDQZ; MKL; ABAQUS; JDQR; …
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Mechanics of particles and systems (70-XX); Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX)


Software Authors:   Shepard, Ron; Minkoff, Michael; Zhou, Yunkai
Cited in: 1 Publication (2005)
Related Software:
Main Fields: (15-04-XX); (15A42-XX)


Software Authors:   Zhang, Bin; Yuan, Jianmin; Zhao, Zengxiu
Cited in: 1 Publication (2015)
Related Software: SLIMP; Associated Legendre Functions; OCTOPUS; GAMESS; LAPACK; ALTDSE
Main Fields: (82-04-XX); (82C80-XX); (82C10-XX)


Software Authors:   Kawamura M., Yoshimi K., Misawa T., Yamaji Y., Todo S., Kawashima N.
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: Quantum Mobile; Spack; VirtualBox; CONQUEST; DCore; DSQSS; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Trif, Damian
Cited in: 1 Publication (2006)
Related Software: Matlab
Main Fields: (34-04-XX); (34B15-XX); (65L10-XX)


Software Authors:   Kikkawa, Satoko; Saito, Tsubasa; Ishiwata, Emiko; Hasegawa, Hidehiko
Cited in: 1 Publication (2013)
Related Software: QuPAT; LBNL; Scilab
Main Fields: (65-04-XX); (65Y15-XX); (65F15-XX)


Software Authors:   Schulenburg, J.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2011)
Related Software:
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Cai Li, Hua Zhou
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: FASTA; SparseMatrix; PROPACK; FEAST; ARPACK; Matlab
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   –
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software:
Main Fields: (90-04-XX); (90Cxx-XX); (65Kxx-XX)