swMATH ID: 20247
Software Authors: Fiedler, Bernd
Description: Mathematica packages PERMS. My Mathematica package PERMS 2.1 is a collection of tools for investigations of permutation groups and for doing calculations in the representation theory of symmetric groups. It comprises: Tools for the investigation of permutation groups; Group ring tools; Partitions, types, tableaux; Special idempotents and generating elements; Characters, Littlewood-Richardson rule, plethysms; Discrete Fourier transform; Tools, concerning tensor investigations.
Homepage: http://www.fiemath.de/perms.htm
Dependencies: Mathematica
Related Software: Mathematica; Ricci; SYMMETRICA; MathTensor
Cited in: 7 Publications

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Ideal decompositions and computation of tensor normal forms. Zbl 1003.20012
Fiedler, Bernd

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