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Software Authors:   Kelley, C.T.
Cited in: 649 Publications (1995–2022)
Related Software: minpack; Matlab; L-BFGS; IMFIL; NITSOL; DFO; …
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization (49-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Lagarias, Jeffrey C.; Reeds, James A.; Wright, Margaret H.; Wright, Paul E.
Cited in: 266 Publications (1996–2022)
Related Software: Matlab; KELLEY; minpack; BRENT; MultiMin; MATLAB ODE suite; …
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Corana, A.; Marchesi, M.; Martini, C.; Ridella, S.
Cited in: 117 Publications (1987–2019)
Related Software: ASA; Global Optimization Toolbox For Maple; Matlab; Genocop; Algorithm 829; minpack; …
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   N.J. Higham
Cited in: 85 Publications (1995–2023)
Related Software: mctoolbox; mftoolbox; CONTEST; Matlab; LAPACK; Eigtool; …
Main Fields: Combinatorics (05-XX); Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory (15-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Tom Rowan; Bruce Lowekamp; Maxime Marmier
Cited in: 26 Publications (1993–2020)
Related Software: mctoolbox; NLopt; TTDock; BRENT; KELLEY; SUNDIALS; …
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX)


Software Authors:   Motoyama Y., Yoshimi K., Mochizuki I., Iwamoto H., Ichinose H., Hoshi T.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2022)
Related Software: Quantum Espresso; PHYSBO; sim-trhepd-rheed; sxrdcalc; TOML; Tomli; …
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX); Optics, electromagnetic theory (78-XX)


Software Authors:   Kenny Chowdhary, Tamara G Kolda
Cited in: 2 Publications (2018–2020)
Related Software: Rigel; hydra; igraphdata; hydra+; ARPACK; L-BFGS-B; …
Main Fields: Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Doerr, B., Fouz, M., Schmidt, M., Wahlström, M.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2021)
Related Software: IOHprofiler; PlatEMO; ecr; MCS; COCO; SMS-EMOA; …
Main Fields: Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Hans Mittelmann; Alan Miller
Cited in: 1 Publication (1965)
Related Software: ASA047
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Ricardo García Ródenas; José Ángel Martín Baos; José Carlos García García
Cited in: 1 Publication (2020)
Related Software:
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Zeljko Bajzer; Ivo Penzar
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software:
Main Fields: