swMATH ID: 30519
Software Authors: Berzish, M., Ganesh, V., Zheng, Y.
Description: Z3str3: a string solver with theory-aware heuristics. Z3str3 is a constraint solver for the quantifier-free theory of string equations, the regular-expression membership predicates, and linear arithmetic over the length functions. Z3str3 is now part of the Z3 theorem prover’s main codebase, and is the primary string solver in Z3.
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/z3strsolver/
Source Code:  https://github.com/z3prover/z3
Keywords: Logic in Computer Science; arXiv_cs.LO; string SMT solver; Z3str3; Theory-aware Branching
Related Software: CVC4; HAMPI; Norn; z3; Stranger; S3; StringFuzz; Z3str2; SMT-LIB; Z3-str; Jalangi; GitHub; PASS; StrSolve; Gecode; MiniZinc; CVC4SY; KLEE; Saner; JavaScript
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Z3str3: A String Solver with Theory-aware Branching
Berzish, M., Ganesh, V., Zheng, Y.

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