swMATH ID: 15680
Software Authors: Yue Ren, Janko Boehm, Lars Kastner, Benjamin Lorenz, Hans Schönemann
Description: divisors.lib - a Singular library for divisors and polyhedral divisors. ”divisors.lib” is a Singular library which encapsules a custom class for divisors on algebraic varieties, including methods for computing with them. This includes the group structure, the computation of global sections and a test for linear equivalence. Additionally, we provide a custom class for polyhedral divisors as introduced in the work of Altmann, Hausen on polyhedral divisors and algebraic torus actions. They are a natural generalization of the construction of affine toric varieties and can be used to shave off an effective torus action on an affine variety to a polyhedral structure.
Homepage: https://www.singular.uni-kl.de/Manual/4-0-3/sing_2228.htm
Dependencies: Singular
Related Software: SINGULAR; SageMath; Maxima; gfanlib; Gfan; jReality; Surfer; polymake; Normaliz; cdd
Referenced in: 3 Publications

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