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Cited in 90 Documents (2011–2023)
Software Authors: Bertoni, G., Daemen, J., Peeters, M., Van Assche, G.
Related Software: PRESENT; SIMON; Skein Hash; …
Main Fields: Global analysis, analysis on manifolds (58-XX); Computer science (68-XX); Quantum theory (81-XX); …


Cited in 5 Documents (2019–2023)
Software Authors: Daemen, J., Hoffert, S., Peeters, M., Assche, G.V., Keer, R.V
Related Software: Keccak; GitHub; PQM4; …
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX); Information and communication theory, circuits (94-XX)


Cited in 3 Documents (2014–2021)
Software Authors: Saarinen, Markku-Juhani O.
Related Software: Keccak; Salsa20; Chaskey; …
Main Fields: Information and communication theory, circuits (94-XX)

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