Algorithm 735

swMATH ID: 4403
Software Authors: Taswell, Carl; McGill, Kevin C.
Description: Algorithm 735: Wavelet transform algorithms for finite-duration discrete-time signals. The algorithms split for the wavelet transform and merge for the inverse wavelet transform are presented for finite-duration discrete-time signals of arbitrary length not restricted to a power of 2. Alternative marix- and vector-filter implementations of alternative truncated, circulant, and extended versions are discussed. Matrix- and vector-filter implementations yield identical results and enhance, respectively, didactic conceptualization and computational efficiency. Truncated, circulant, and extended versions produce the signal-end effects of, respectively, errors, periodization, and redundancy in the transform coefficients. The use of any one of these three versions avoids the signal-end effects associated with the other two versions. Additional alternatives that eliminate all signal-end effects (albeit at the cost of increased algorithmic complexity) are discussed briefly.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=192156
Keywords: multiresolution analysis; signal processing; waveform analysis; wavelet transform; inverse wavelet transform; finite-duration discrete-time signals
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