swMATH ID: 25385
Software Authors: Quiroga, Gonzalo D.
Description: MALBEC: a new CUDA-C ray-tracer in general relativity. A new CUDA-C code for tracing orbits around non-charged black holes is presented. This code, named MALBEC, take advantage of the graphic processing units and the CUDA platform for tracking null and timelike test particles in Schwarzschild and Kerr. Also, a new general set of equations that describe the closed circular orbits of any timelike test particle in the equatorial plane is derived. These equations are extremely important in order to compare the analytical behavior of the orbits with the numerical results and verify the correct implementation of the Runge-Kutta algorithm in MALBEC. Finally, other numerical tests are performed, demonstrating that MALBEC is able to reproduce some well-known results in these metrics in a faster and more efficient way than a conventional CPU implementation.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10714-018-2387-z
Source Code:  https://github.com/GonzaQuiro/MALBEC
Keywords: timelike test particles; geodesics around black holes
Related Software: GYOTO; CUDA
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MALBEC: a new CUDA-C ray-tracer in general relativity. Zbl 1392.83009
Quiroga, Gonzalo D.

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1 Quiroga, Gonzalo D.

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