swMATH ID: 34300
Software Authors: Douglas, A. S.; Mitchell, A. J.
Description: Autostat: A language for statistical data processing. A language is described in which it is possible to set up operations for statistical data processing in connection, for instance, with market-research surveys. The language is claimed to be comparatively easy to use, whilst at the same time comparatively straightforward to program for a large-scale electronic data-processing installation. Restrictions on the use of the language, when programmed for use with a Pegasus computer equipped with magnetic tape, are given. This paper was presented at the Second Conference of the British Computer Society in Harrogate on 5 July 1960.
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/comjnl/article/3/2/61/504763
Keywords: numerical analysis
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Autostat: A language for statistical data processing. Zbl 0094.31503
Douglas, A. S.; Mitchell, A. J.

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