swMATH ID: 21814
Software Authors: Hirschberg, Wolfgang; Schramm, Dieter
Description: Applications of NEWEUL in robot dynamics. We consider the simulation of the dynamics of a complex robot system modeled as multibody system with rigid links and flexible drives. The symbolic equations, linearized with respect to a nominal motion, are generated by the program system NEWEUL. From these equations the dynamic behaviour of the system can be determined, using numeric standard procedures. The features of the program system as well as some problems occuring with the use of a symbolic formalism for the determination of equations of motion are discussed. The application of NEWEUL during the simulation of a robot system with complex dynamics leads to efficient program codes in the simulation program and guarantees high accuracy and stability during the numeric evaluation.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747717189800525
Keywords: survey; differential algebra; first problem of Galois theory; power series solutions; asymptotic methods; computer algebra systems; MACSYMA
Related Software: DEtools; Alkahest III; SPDE; LIE0; FINGER; MACSYMA; REDUCE; Maple; MESA VERDE
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Application of NEWEUL in robot dynamics. Zbl 0657.70006
Hirschberg, Wolfgang; Schramm, Dieter

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