swMATH ID: 36017
Software Authors: Boaz Blankrot; Clemens Heitzinger
Description: ParticleScattering.jl: Solving and optimizing multiple-scattering problems in Julia. ParticleScattering is a Julia (Bezanson et al. 2017) package for computing the elec- tromagnetic elds scattered by a large number of two-dimensional particles, as well as optimizing particle parameters for various applications. Such problems naturally arise in the design and analysis of metamaterials, including photonic crystals (Jahani and Jacob 2016). Unlike most solvers for these problems, ours does not require a periodic structure and is scalable to a large number of particles. In particular, this software is designed for scattering problems involving TM plane waves impinging on a collection of homogeneous dielectric particles with arbitrary smooth shapes. Our code performs especially well when the number of particles is substantially larger than the number of distinct shapes, where particles are considered indistinct if they are identical up to rotation.
Homepage: https://zenodo.org/record/1241368#.X7ZYty2X8RE
Source Code:  https://github.com/bblankrot/ParticleScattering.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: multiple-scattering problems; Julia; Journal of Open Source Software; optimizing particle parameters; photonic crystals; metamaterials
Related Software: PGFPlots; PGFPlotsX; PyPlot.jl; Optim; Julia
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ParticleScattering: Solving and optimizing multiple-scattering problems in Julia Link
Boaz Blankrot; Clemens Heitzinger