Robust Modal Control

swMATH ID: 21999
Software Authors: Magni, J. F.
Description: Robust modal control with a toolbox for use with Matlab. Robust Modal Control covers most classical multivariable modal control design techniques that were shown to be effective in practice, and in addition proposes several new tools. The proposed new tools include: minimum energy eigenvector selection, low order observer-based control design, conversion to observer-based controllers, a new multimodel design technique, and modal analysis. The text is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing MATLAB® software for the implementation of the proposed techniques. The software is in use in aeronautical industry and has proven to be effective and functional.
Homepage: http://www.springer.com/la/book/9781461351702
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: QDES; RMCT
Cited in: 1 Publication

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