swMATH ID: 27241
Software Authors: Oxvig, C.S., Pedersen, P.S., Arildsen, T., √ėstergaard, J., Larsen, T.
Description: Magni: A Python Package for Compressive Sampling and Reconstruction of Atomic Force Microscopy Images. Magni is an open source Python package that embraces compressed sensing and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) imaging techniques. It provides AFM-specific functionality for undersampling and reconstructing images from AFM equipment and thereby accelerating the acquisition of AFM images. Magni also provides researchers in compressed sensing with a selection of algorithms for reconstructing undersampled general images, and offers a consistent and rigorous way to efficiently evaluate the researchers own developed reconstruction algorithms in terms of phase transitions. The package also serves as a convenient platform for researchers in compressed sensing aiming at obtaining a high degree of reproducibility of their research.
Homepage: https://openresearchsoftware.metajnl.com/articles/10.5334/jors.bk/
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: omic Force Microscopy; Compressive Sensing; Python; Image Reconstruction; Reproducible Research; JORS publication
Related Software: ActionScript; IPython; Matplotlib; PyTables; NumPy; Python
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