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Software Authors:   MIT
Cited in: 54 Publications (2006–2022)
Related Software: MATLAB expm; MPAS-Ocean; Matlab; POP; Pyglrm; LowRankModels; …
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Zuse Institute Berlin
Cited in: 42 Publications (2015–2023)
Related Software: SCIP; Gurobi; Lamatto++; Lamatto; Ipopt; CPLEX; …
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX); Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Penzo, Luca; Sciuto, Donatella; Silvano, Cristina
Cited in: 17 Publications (1976–1998)
Related Software: CACTI; MediaBench
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Computer science (68-XX); Information and communication theory, circuits (94-XX)


Software Authors:   Soledad Le Clainche; José M. Vega
Cited in: 16 Publications (2018–2022)
Related Software: redbKIT; GitHub; Loewner; VAMPnets; SU2; AlexNet; …
Main Fields: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Simon Andrews
Cited in: 7 Publications (2015–2021)
Related Software: R; TopHat; Trimmomatic; Bioconductor; STAR; KEGG; …
Main Fields: General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Probability theory and stochastic processes (60-XX); Statistics (62-XX)

Stacks Project

Software Authors:   columbia.edu
Cited in: 8 Publications (2016–2022)
Related Software: SINGULAR; ZariskiFrames; Locales; homalg; Epsilon; CAP; …
Main Fields: Commutative algebra (13-XX); Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Algebraic topology (55-XX)


Software Authors:   Daniel Adler, Christian Gläser, Oleg Nenadic, Jens Oehlschlägel, Walter Zucchini
Cited in: 1 Publication (2019)
Related Software: R; snow; lattice; mvtnorm; Rlecuyer; multicore; …
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX)


Software Authors:   Bartzos, Evangelos; Emiris, Ioannis Z.; Schicho, Josef
Cited in: 4 Publications (2020–2023)
Related Software: LamanGraphs; phcpy; PHCpack; Chordal; MonodromySolver; MULTIRES
Main Fields: Combinatorics (05-XX); Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Convex and discrete geometry (52-XX)


Software Authors:   Niko Beerenwinkel; Jörg Rahnenführer; Rolf Kaiser; Daniel Hoffmann; Joachim Selbig; Thomas Lengauer
Cited in: 4 Publications (2006–2019)
Related Software: R; ALPHA; RAxML-Light; UFBoot2; HyDe; PAUP*; …
Main Fields: General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Probability theory and stochastic processes (60-XX); Statistics (62-XX)


Software Authors:   Moscow State University; DP Kostomarov, FS Zaitsev, AG Shishkin
Cited in: 3 Publications (2011–2014)
Related Software: Tokamak; Tadisys; Poisson Solver; Bolsig; gnuplot
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX); Statistical mechanics, structure of matter (82-XX)

Bernese GNSS

Software Authors:   Dach R, Hugentobler U, Walser P
Cited in: 3 Publications (2007–2018)
Related Software: fda.usc; fda (R)
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Geophysics (86-XX)

DKPro Similarity

Software Authors:   Bär, D.; Zesch, T.; Gurevych, I.
Cited in: 2 Publications (2015–2016)
Related Software: word2vec; BabelNet; WordNet; AutoExtend; RoWordNet; Simlex-999; …
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Michael Ortner; Lucas Gabriel; Coliado Bandeira
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: FEniCS; Matplotlib; NumPy; SciPy; Python; FEMM; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Pavlichin, Dmitri S.; Jiao, Jiantao; Weissman, Tsachy
Cited in: 2 Publications (2019–2021)
Related Software: GitHub; OEIS
Main Fields: Combinatorics (05-XX); Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory (15-XX); Probability theory and stochastic processes (60-XX)


Software Authors:   Benjamin Edward Bolling
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: NumPy; PyQt; PyEpics; pandas; Matplotlib; Python
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Domingo, P.; Garc\'{\i}a-Crespo, A.; Ruiz, B.; Iglesias, A.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2002)
Related Software:
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   Mansour T.A. Sharabiani, Alireza S. Mahani
Cited in: 1 Publication (2022)
Related Software: imputeTS; CoMoMo; StMoMo; R; Human Mortality
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Game theory, economics, finance, and other social and behavioral sciences (91-XX)


Software Authors:   E. Balmès, J. Bianchi, J. Leclère
Cited in: 1 Publication (2013)
Related Software: IRAM; lobpcg.m; Structural Dynamics Toolbox; eigs; EIGIFP
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Mechanics of particles and systems (70-XX)

Simcenter MAGNET

Software Authors:   Mentor, Siemens
Cited in: 1 Publication (2020)
Related Software:
Main Fields: Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX); Optics, electromagnetic theory (78-XX); Classical thermodynamics, heat transfer (80-XX)


Software Authors:   Nagel J.
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: SIMO; PTAEDA; Capsis; rFVS; SILVA; sitreeE; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   P. C. Hopman
Cited in: 1 Publication (2010)
Related Software: ALIZE-LCPC; ViscoRoute; SAFARI
Main Fields: Mechanics of deformable solids (74-XX)


Software Authors:   Matthew Clegg, Christopher Krauss, Jonas Rende
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software:
Main Fields: