swMATH ID: 6899
Software Authors: M Helbig, M Theus, S Urbanek
Description: JGR (speak ’Jaguar’) is a universal and unified Graphical User Interface for R (it actually abbreviates Java Gui for R). JGR was introduced at the useR! meeting in 2004 and there is an introductory article in the Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter Vol 16 nr 2 p9-12
Homepage: http://www.rforge.net/JGR/
Programming Languages: Java
Dependencies: R
Keywords: Graphical User Interface; R; Java
Related Software: R; iplots; Rcmdr; rJava; RKWard; Bioconductor; RGtk2; Deducer; emdbook; WinBUGS; VGAM; GLIM; gWidgets; tkrplot; tcltk2; rattle; GGobi; lattice; Rserve; CRAN
Referenced in: 5 Publications

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