swMATH ID: 27489
Software Authors: Anshel, I.; Atkins, D.; Goldfeld, D.; Gunnells, P.
Description: WalnutDSA TM: a quantum resistant group theoretic digital signature algorithm. In 2005 I. Anshel, M. Anshel, D. Goldfeld, and S. Lemieux introduced E-Multiplication TM, a quantum-resistant, group-theoretic, one-way function which can be used as a basis for many different cryptographic applications. This one-way function was specifically designed for constrained devices, running extremely quickly and requiring very little code. This paper introduces WalnutDSA, a new E-Multiplication-based public-key method which provides efficient verification, allowing low-power and constrained devices to quickly and inexpensively validate digital signatures (e.g., a certificate or authentication). It presents an in-depth discussion of the construction of the digital signature algorithm, analyzes the security of the scheme, provides a proof of security under EUF-CMA, and discusses the practical results from implementations on several constrained devices.
Homepage: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/058.pdf
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Cited in: 6 Publications

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