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Software Authors:   Marco Thiel, Mamen Romano, AndrĂ© Bergner
Referenced in: 118 Publications (2004–2022)
Related Software: TISEAN; igraph; Matlab; longmemo; PhysioToolkit; QSIMVN; …
Main Fields: Ordinary differential equations (34-XX); Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Statistics (62-XX)


Software Authors:   Koepf, W., Swarttouw, R.
Referenced in: 5 Publications (2012–2021)
Related Software: retode; OPQ; DLMF; Mathematica; DEtools; SumTools; …
Main Fields: Special functions (33-XX); Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces (42-XX); Operator theory (47-XX)


Software Authors:   Eugene Kononov
Referenced in: 2 Publications (2006–2008)
Related Software: TISEAN; Sprott's Software; Massdal; Fracdim; qcc; ANFIS
Main Fields: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX); Systems theory; control (93-XX)

CRP Toolbox

Software Authors:   Cao, L.
Referenced in: 1 Publication (2016)
Related Software: K2
Main Fields: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Systems theory; control (93-XX)


Software Authors:   Moreno I. Coco, Rick Dale, James D. Dixon, John Nash
Referenced in: 1 Publication (2017)
Related Software: tseriesEntropy; tseriesChaos; fractal; pdc; mpoly; Rssa; …
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Computer science (68-XX)