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Software Authors:   H. Zhang; C. W. Rowley
Cited in: 11 Publications (2018–2022)
Related Software: PRMLT; GitHub; DeepONet; PyDMD; VAMPnets; rsvd; …
Main Fields: Dynamical systems and ergodic theory (37-XX); Operator theory (47-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX)


Software Authors:   Stabile, G.; Rozza, G.
Cited in: 6 Publications (2020–2021)
Related Software: redbKIT; OpenFOAM; ANSYS-CFX; FEATFLOW; Spalart-Allmaras; HODMD; …
Main Fields: Partial differential equations (35-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX)


Software Authors:   Kontovasilis, Kimon P.; Mitrou, Nikolas M.
Cited in: 3 Publications (1994–1998)
Related Software:
Main Fields: Probability theory and stochastic processes (60-XX); Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)


Software Authors:   Galley C
Cited in: 2 Publications (2019–2020)
Related Software: Scikit; TPI; regulargrid; GitHub; Adam; Keras; …
Main Fields: Difference and functional equations (39-XX); Statistics (62-XX); Computer science (68-XX)


Software Authors:   S.M. Hadi Sadati; et al.
Cited in: 0 Publications
Related Software: Control System Toolbox; Optimization Toolbox; VIPER; SOFA; SoMo; Matlab; …
Main Fields:


Software Authors:   Noack B.R., Fernex D., Semaan R.
Cited in: 1 Publication (2017)
Related Software: C4.5; TAU; MEGAFLOW
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX)