swMATH ID: 35167
Software Authors: Ali Ramadhan; Gregory L. Wagner; Chris Hill; Jean-Michel Campin; Valentin Churavy; Tim Besard; Andre Souza; Alan Edelman; Raffaele Ferrari; John Marshall
Description: Oceananigans.jl is a fast and friendly incompressible fluid flow solver written in Julia that can be run in 1-3 dimensions on CPUs and GPUs. It simulates the rotating Boussinesq equations in rectangular domains with some special features for fluids stratified by both temperature and salinity (oceans!) –- but can also be used without rotation, stratification, with arbitrary tracers, and arbitrary user-defined forcing functions. We strive for a user interface that makes Oceananigans.jl as friendly and intuitive to use as possible, allowing users to focus on the science. Internally, we have attempted to write the underlying algorithm so that the code runs as fast as possible for the configuration chosen by the user –- from simple two-dimensional setups to complex three-dimensional simulations –- and so that as much code as possible is shared between the CPU and GPU algorithms.
Homepage: https://clima.github.io/OceananigansDocumentation/stable/
Source Code: https://github.com/CliMA/Oceananigans.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: geophysical; fluid flows; GPUs; Journal of Open Source Software; Julia; Climate Modeling Alliance; simulation
Related Software: Julia; SummationByPartsOperators.jl; DifferentialEquations.jl; GeophysicalFlows.jl; Gridap; Trixi.jl; FourierFlows.jl; Dedalus; cmocean; FLEXI; KROME; JuMP; MPI.jl; p4est; FFTW; ApproxFun; Kinetic.jl; DiffEqOperators.jl; qgs; MAOOAM
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